Creating a data-driven HR culture
without relying on IT

The Friedman Group (TFG) is a boutique HR and technology advisory firm. We are  Implementation specialists  working  with our technology partners from PeopleTree Group to customize data visualization software. We understand the Talent Management and IT space and specialize in working with small and mid-size firms.

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About The Friedman Group

Michael Friedman, the Principal of TFG, has more than 30 years of global experience in designing, managing, and implementing initiatives in Talent Analytics, Leadership Development, and Organizational Design.

He was formerly an executive at a Fortune 500 company and adjunct faculty at Rice University.  Michael has also been a podcaster and speaker at professional associations, as well as serving as an adviser to numerous Boards of Directors, consulting on executive assessment, selection, and CEO Succession.

Michael continues to observe a number of challenges within the Talent Management arena:

  • Technology, if in use at all is centralized & owned by HR- instead of being easily accessible to line management
  • Assessment processes are still highly subjective, rather than evidenced-based
  • Succession Planning has become an annual ‘check the box’ activity
  • Development is hit and miss or just a collection of training programs
  • Talent analytics are non-existent, except in the largest organizations

Michael and his colleagues formed TFG to address these issues.

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How We Will Work With You


We’ll start with a conversation, getting clear on what you are trying to accomplish.


We won’t be trying to replace your HRIS or asking you to buy new software.


And no, we won’t ask you to hire more business analysts or stand up a data analytics group.

Let’s work together